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Мишуров С, С,
РоссияИвановская областьИвановоул. Ф. Энгельса д. 94, «ГЛАВК»

OOO «CINC-textile»

OOO «CINC-textile»
OOO «CINC-textile» First Ivanovo market «CINC-textile» By tradition here represented the full range of textile products from Russian and foreign manufacturers of: bed linen, pillows, blankets, mattresses, robes, towels and much more. The complex includes about 80 outlets. Here is a wide assortment of textile products in various price categories, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. This is very attractive to buyers, including wholesalers. First Ivanovo market «CINC-textiles» is a convenient location on one of the main thoroughfares of the city that provides high transport accessibility. His address — Prospect Engels. Nearby is the railway station and all major shopping malls of the city. Wholesale buyers may sit on its transport to any of the warehouses. Payment and shipment of goods takes place simultaneously in one place. Access to the market — free. At present, the «First Ivanovo market» CINC-textiles «created by information and promotion center, which allows you to first obtain all necessary information, including buyers from other cities and regions of Russia, maximize the interaction of producers, sellers and buyers of goods. The uniqueness of the market lies in the fact that the wholesale buyers, as well as textile manufacturers are here to make contact with each other, more precisely predict changes in requirements and characteristics of the market development of textile products. Here, one can conclude a treaty on the production of fabrics of new consumer and technological properties, the tailoring of a new range of products, both large and small and medium-sized enterprises of light industry, visit the exhibition of new products, obtain advice of scientists of the Ivanovo Textile Academy, Professional research centers, economists, lawyers, specialists in logistics, etc. The convenient location of the market, convenient schedule, to transport directly to the entrance to the warehouse, skilled personnel, an exact calculation of the new trends in production and trade makes first Ivanovo market «CINC-textiles» very successful meeting place for buyers and sellers. We will be happy to promote your business and strengthen our business contacts. Information Center First of Ivanovo textile market «CINC — Textiles»